This site is to designed to supplement the forthcoming book:  Atheism Reclaimed. The book was released on the IFF Books Imprint, by the brilliant people at John Hunt Publishing on the 26th of September, 2014. It currently appears on their website here.

I will post any ongoing or expanded discussion here.

The main themes of the discussion here will relate to themes of the book. These include but not limited to such things as life and mortality, nihilism, atheism and time, atheism as first philosophy, atheism and social justice, the question of truth, existential atheism in the light of scientific atheism, and of course Nietzsche.

Here is the opening passage from the book which should give you a sense of what my position is.

Atheism has lost its soul; contemporary atheism is losing its vitality and it needs to reaffirm it. What is called atheism has lost vibrancy, mattering less and less. It is not relevant to understanding the nihilistic drive to destruction that is affecting all aspects of human experience from political organization, to the environment, to overpopulation. Personal proclamations of atheism and the attendant scientific appeals to evidence, questioning, humanism and critique are simply not relevant. Atheism needs to get its house in order. The task is to give a vital and positive account of atheism. Atheism cannot simply be a negation, but must take a position in its own right with positive philosophical consequences.

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