Atheism and Egalitarianism

Levi Bryant here provides a nice synopsis on what a different type of atheism might look like. Atheism is not about the divine, it is not about the supernatural, nor the existence or non-existence of some kind of objects. By extension it is not about proving this or that.  It is about the delimitation of mastery and sovereignty. For Bryant, any atheism worthy of the name requires the leveling. While I am not sure I could fully endorse Bryant’s equation of atheism and anarchism, at least up to this point, his core point remains valid. Atheism, if it is to at all be relevant, must bring the question of egalitarianism into its register. Otherwise, and indeed as it stands, it remains pitifully localized,  insipidly identitarian and hopelessly irrelevant. If atheism does not apply to everybody, then what the point…


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