This page is devoted to illuminating other thinkers and writers who work along similar lines. There are many philosophers who see it as critical to think atheism in different ways than what we conventionally expect. Below is a list to give you an idea of the range of thinkers illuminate the variety of ways that atheism can be engage with philosophically.


David Webster’s blog at Dispirited.Org is always worth checking out for issues pertaining to existential atheism in the context of new forms of spiritualism. Dave also has an excellent series of videos on all things philosophical, atheistic and religious.

William Large has an excellent set of lectures on a variety of subjects in the history of philosophy. His short essay Subjective Atheism‘ is a really good starting point for understanding the issues necessary for re-framing atheism.

Spurious is the blog of Lars Iyer. Here you will find all types of thoughts and revelations that we should be all obliged to heed on this the end of days!

Matt’s Blog is always worth a look. Here Matt Barnard blogs on issues relating to politics, as well as various questions in relation to Heidegger and the question of freedom.

Thinkers: These are some of the living thinkers who have provided innovative readings of atheism that are thought

Dan Finke’s blog is always worth a look. He examines a variety of themes that really help broaden the discourse of what atheism should concern itself with.

Martin Hägglund’s work is well worth checking out. Emerging out of Derrida’s thought he argues for a form of radical atheism founded on questions of temporality and finitude. In addition, he is particular interested in manifestations of atheism in literary modernism.

Stefanous Geroulanos has written an exceptionally interesting counter-history of atheism as it emerged in 20th Century French Thought.

Christopher Watkin has a really interesting position on atheism. Looking at recent thinkers in French Philosophy such a Alain Badiou and Quentin Meillassoux he analyses the ways in which Continental Philosophy exceeds or fails to exceeds the question of the religious.

Levi Bryant’s blog Larval Subjects which although blogging on a wide variety of subjects, quite often has interesting posts on what a different type of atheism looks like. For instance see here, here and here.

Text: Here are some interesting articles and pieces on the question of atheism generally

The edited collection Philosophers without Gods has a variety of essays of varying quality. Highlights include Anthony Smith Laden on the question of transcendence and Marcia Homiak on Aristotelian virtues and dispositions.

Stephen Le Drew has a very nice piece on the question of atheism and belief.

A major point of reference for atheism is Peter Watson’s The Age of Nothing: How We Have Sought to Live Since the Death of God. This is an extremely rich account of the history of atheism in all its guises. You can find an interview with Peter Watson by Salon here.




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